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Stellar’s team of UI devs, software engineers and solution architects are the technology equivalent of Felix the Cat and his bag of tricks – ready and able to take on any technical task you can possibly think of. Looking for a technology roadmap for a new digital product? Not a problem. Need a global customer web portal powered by 2.5 million lines of code? We got that. Need an iOS or Android mobile app that delivers a whole new way of buying a home on your phone? No problem. Maybe a 3D product configurator that allows users to design a customized pair of sneakers online? We’ve done that. Or how about an AI-powered product selector that helps customers navigate your digital product catalog? Been there, done that too. We absolutely live for moments like these that allow us to use technology to transform your brand and your business. It’s not quite magic, but it sure does feel that way.

The technology practice at Stellar is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge, innovative solutions that drive digital transformation and business growth. Our technology team has deep experience across web and mobile app development, structured and unstructured database design, API development and integration with serverless and cloud architecture, e-commerce solutions, artificial intelligence (AI), content management systems (CMS) with a focus on .NET, Java and PHP flavors and custom software development when an out-of-box solution won’t do. Our technology team works with clients in many different ways that range from pure consulting to dev-ops contracting and long-term project based roles. We take great pride in our tech team’s focus on the user experience and seamless integration into backend services. Whether you need to boldly go where no one has gone before or disrupt the status quo in an existing market, our team can turn your technology dreams into reality.

We’re ready to start building your future – are you?

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