Rebranding the Port of a Long Beach for a Sustainable Future
Visual Identity & Design, Environmental Experience Design, Digital Strategy & Development
Creating an experience and visual identity to honor the legacy and sustainability of one of the busiest ports in the world.

In 1923, Long Beach, California, was the fastest-growing city in America thanks to its port, which served as a vital transportation hub for the entire Southern California region.

Exactly a century later, the Port of Long Beach remains an international shipping destination and is again revolutionizing the logistics industry, this time leading it to a more sustainable future. Stellar helped the port rebrand, redesigning its logo and website, and building an in-person experience that details the port’s environmental initiatives.


Climate change has spurred demands for a more environmentally friendly supply chain. The Port of Long Beach moved into a new headquarters in 2019, and it wanted to use the opportunity to rebrand, informing the public about its rich history while also highlighting its efforts to promote sustainability in the industry and in the immediate community.

Implementing any kind of change at the port, let alone a wholesale rebranding, is a huge managerial challenge. The port falls under the jurisdiction of the Harbor Commission, which has 11 distinct internal divisions, ranging from Communications to Security. Completing the project consulting with and satisfying all of them, as well as the mayor of Long Beach.


First, Stellar navigated the port’s bureaucracy. Stellar met with all of the port’s oversight agencies, learning about their various roles in managing the port and their visions for the port’s new brand image.

Stellar’s consultants were able to build consensus among these groups, then they got to work on the visual identity. The redesigned insignia simultaneously resembles a shipping container; a pier; the bow of a ship, representing the port’s business; and a checkmark, signifying progress and innovation. Stellar chose turquoise as the port’s new signature color because it combines both blue (the ocean, representing the port’s business) and green (referencing the port’s environmentalism). The revamped logo informed the site design, which was completely rebuilt to reflect the port’s embrace of new technology.

For the lobby of the new office, Stellar built and installed an 80-inch interactive kiosk detailing both the port’s role in the economic expansion of Southern California, its Green Port Policy, which preserves the natural wetlands surrounding the harbor, and its college scholarship program for aspiring logistics professionals.


Visitors to the port website are now offered an intuitive, streamlined and highly visual interactive experience that brings the many contributions of the Port and its employees into full view. From the Port’s history to its environmental stewardship, from its community outreach and education to the raw numbers and data that represent the international trade and jobs the Port creates, the website delivers the goods in new and exciting ways that help users find just the right information they were looking for.

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