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KB Home is a homebuilder that prides itself on building a deep relationship with its clients, guiding them through the fraught experience of buying a home. The company wanted to replicate that experience online, providing a home-buying platform that combined the convenience of shopping online with the trust and confidence of working with a KB Home team member in person. To build the experience, it selected Stellar.


Buying a home is the single biggest financial decision most people will make in their lives, and it comes with a corresponding amount of anxiety. That angst is amplified when searching through home listings online, where there is no one to guide home buyers through the process.

Yet, home buyers rely on digital experiences to inform their decision making. Virtual tours of homes are increasingly common, and home buyers enjoy being able to view and compare multiple listings online.

KB Home wanted a digital home buying platform that married the convenience of online research with the comfort of having a KB Home representative by their side, advising them on different options.


Stellar developed a home-buying platform that delivered customized content and recommendations to users, giving the site a personal touch and aligning with KB Home’s reputation for excellent customer service.

The platform was integrated with a dozen other third-party home listings sites, funneling more traffic to KB Home’s platform and acting as a lead generator for new business. The KB Home site was also integrated with the company’s CRM database, making it easier to connect home buyers with KB Home team members.

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The KB Home platform has resulted in a significant boost to its operational efficiency with huge cost and time savings for the organization. Providing a comprehensive listings platform for home buyers and delivering them personalized recommendations has created space s to provide more of the high-touch customer service KB Home is known for. Integrating the platform with KB Home’s CRM database has made it easier to track the customer journey, improving access to prospective buyers earlier in the purchase cycle and resulting in more customers, more sales and more revenue.

Customers love the platform just as much as KB Home does.

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