Building Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Customer Service Portal

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Over the course of nine years, Stellar has built no less than six global customer web portals, written 2.5 million lines of code and nearly doubled HPE’s customer satisfaction scores.
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is one of the largest IT solutions providers in the world, generating $28 billion in annual revenue and managing software and hardware infrastructure for thousands of firms around the world.

HPE wanted to create its own customer services portal, making it easier for retail partners to sell and deploy HPE’s services and to field customer service requests. Creating the platform would require a high degree of design, infrastructure and user experience expertise, which is why HPE selected Stellar to build it.


Building a comprehensive software licensing portal for HPE was an enormous bureaucratic and technical challenge. The new platform had to integrate nine disparate systems and satisfy hundreds of stakeholders across the global organization. Completing the project required a rare mix of soft and technical skills — the consultant expertise to manage a large number of stakeholders, the technical chops to build the infrastructure and the UX and design talent to make it user-friendly for customers around the world.


Over the course of nine years, Stellar built 6 customer web portals. The process started with a pilot program that involved a select group of HPE customers. The pilot was used to collect feedback from HPE’s retail partners, and that feedback was used to optimize the design of the portals.

On the back-end, Stellar constructed the portal so that all of HPE’s essential software licensing functions would exist in the same place. HPE’s customers and resellers can use the portal to buy HPE products, manage software licenses, download software, keep their systems updated and submit customer service requests — all from one central location. The front-end was revamped to make it easier for customers to navigate, eliminating unnecessary customer service calls and time spent addressing those issues.

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Today, every HPE employee, partner and customer around the world manages their HPE software licenses using portals designed and developed by Stellar. The 6 new HPE customer service portals that the Stellar team has delivered over the last 10 years have generated significant operational efficiency for HPE, saving time and money for the organization while empowering customers to manage software licenses whenever they need to. As a result, HPE has seen an unprecedented increase in customer satisfaction scores.

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