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We formed our AI practice at Stellar in early 2022. Since then, our team has blazed a trail defined by delivery milestones that showcase our ability to harness advanced artificial intelligence solutions that drive business innovation and efficiency. We’ve developed enterprise-level AI solutions that empower businesses with actionable customer insights, automate repetitive tasks, enhance business decision-making, improve customer service and create operational efficiency. We’ve also developed customer-facing AI solutions that help users find the right products and make better, more informed purchasing decisions. One unique aspect of our AI team – we are committed to helping our clients demystify AI and determine exactly how it can start moving your business forward right now. One of the biggest challenges today – there’s no “one-size fits all” approach in the world of AI. So we roll up our sleeves and work closely with client stakeholders to understand the most efficient and effective application of AI based on the unique needs of your business, brand and customers. There’s simply no substitute (at least, not yet) for good old fashioned human intelligence when it comes to figuring out how to leverage artificial intelligence to achieve your business goals.

Our AI team works with clients in a variety of capacities that range from pure consulting and technology roadmap work, to adding an AI component to existing digital platforms and on to developing wholly new AI applications from scratch for both internal and external audiences. AI holds many promises, but the reality is that it is still very new and complicated technology. Many clients aren’t sure where to even begin an AI-powered initiative. That’s where our seasoned team of AI experts can help because we’ve been on the leading edge of AI for years. We know the hidden hurdles and unseen complexities and we can help guide you to the right approach.

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