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The UX team at Stellar believes that highly effective customer engagement online is first and foremost about understanding the needs, preferences and behaviors of your target audience. That’s why we begin almost every UX project the same way – we take a dive into the deep end of the pool and immerse ourselves in the world of your business, brand and customers. We’re experts at rapidly assimilating a detailed picture of your digital offerings and identifying innovative ways to improve business results and create better customer connections. From enterprise-level customer self-service web portals, to mobile shopping apps and on to AI that helps users select the right products, our UX team brings a wealth of experience and user-centric design to every client engagement. As a team, our UX designers are highly adept at incorporating strategic thinking into the detailed design of digital products and services. We are also big believers in developing prototypes, conducting usability testing and ensuring that all of our designs are ADA and WCAG compliant. Inclusivity and accessibility are always top of mind for us as UX designers.

Our UX team works with clients in a variety of ways. We conduct user and market research, audit the competitive landscape and contribute to the overall strategy for each project. We model customer behavior through user research, personas and user journey maps and then convert that modeling into detailed process flows, wireframes and functional specifications. On most projects, our UX team also produces low- and high-fidelity prototypes we use to refine the UX solution through testing with intended users. Our ultimate goal on every engagement – create a unique, ownable digital experience that engages your target audience, drives business results and creates a solid foundation for future growth and success.

Are you ready to create a customer experience that will be the envy of your competitors?

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