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We create visual storytelling and branding with a serious “wow!” factor

The design team at Stellar is fluent in the language of creativity. We use color, typography, imagery, illustration, motion design and animation to create the unique visual blend that brings your brand to life and builds an emotional connection with your customers. What makes our design team really stand out is its ability to blend creativity with strategic intent. We believe good design is good business. That’s why our designers are obsessed with delivering visual storytelling that includes a serious “wow!” factor. Because we know compelling design can empower your brand and boost your bottom-line results. If you need proof of this potential, look at the universal design principle known as the Aesthetic Usability Effect – when your brand looks better, it performs better.

Our design team works with clients on a wide range of creative deliverables including UI design for digital products and services, mobile UI design, website and portal UI design, brand and identity design, brand style guides, interactive kiosk design, video, animation, illustration, print, signage and outdoor. We are highly adept at creating extensible designs that work across multiple channels and mediums. Sometimes our designers work as part of a larger project team. Other times, we take on purely creative projects that allow the team to showcase their design chops. Need a branded children’s book? Or an animated product video? No problem, our talented team of designers can handle all of that and anything else you can dream up.

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