Unified Enterprise Experience

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October 2023

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A blueprint for tackling your complex enterprise digital transformation challenges

Why UEE?

We created our Unified Enterprise Experience (UEE) approach by turning our team’s deep experience into an actionable project framework. Stellar’s UEE combines all the lessons we’ve learned with common issues we’ve encountered in our decades of guiding B2B brand clients through digital transformation projects.

Here are a few questions we’ve answered and problems we’ve solved for clients in recent years:

  • “How do we get feedback from clients before we roll out the new customer web portal to our global audience?”
  • “What are all of the things we need to consider that will allow us to offer better customer self-service options via our digital channels?”
  • “What kind of internal training program will we need to help our customer service reps use the new system Stellar is creating for us?”

UEE Creates Business Readiness

Your enterprise-level project is never really one project, is it? It’s an initiative that involves nearly every internal team in your organization and comes with a host of other sub-projects, process update(s), internal discussions, stakeholder decisions, and deliverables.

The goal of UEE is to simplify process and streamline development to get you business-ready as soon as possible. UEE is informed by our Digital Transformation Playbook, which includes a repeatable blueprint for tackling enterprise-level challenges.

A flexible framework for ensuring successful outcomes on large, complex enterprise engagements. Stellar’s UEE guiding principles include:

  • Think Strategically, Act Tactically – Project teams fuse Stellar expertise with our client SMEs to guide us through every stage of the project, from vision to execution.
  • Identify the Organizational Gray Areas – We work closely with our clients to identify the roles and tasks within the organizations where it’s unclear who is responsible and who is the decision maker. Establishing “who does what” is vital to the success of any project.
  • Focus on Change Management – Adopting change management expands our efforts beyond project deliverables and includes all activities required for a successful project outcome, regardless of who performs those activities.
  • Value Roles Over Titles – Shift key talent to maximize the team’s ability to make an efficient and effective impact.
  • Cover the Full Life Cycle – The solution we develop includes all stages of the project — planning, execution, and post-launch to ensure continuity and maximize efficiency.

Enterprise Trends

These are the five most common enterprise project challenges we experience:

  • Digital Transformation – How do we convert an analog workflow or product into a digital equivalent that gives us a competitive edge?
  • Pilot Program – How do we test our platform with select customers prior to rolling it out to our global customer base?
  • Product Evolution – How do we create a product and marketing roadmap for updating our platform to reach new customers over the next 6 to 18 months?
  • Customer Self-Service – Can we reduce customer service requests by offering better self-service options via our digital channels?
  • Enterprise Branding – How can we evolve our brand to speak more directly to our target customers and create a visually distinct presence in our competitive space?

Bringing UEE to life

Want to see UEE in action? Download these Stellar case studies to see how we applied the UEE playbook for our clients.

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