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Self-service, digitization and consumerization are just a few of the digital trends that are driving a seismic shift in the healthcare, biotech and pharma industries. The entire healthcare ecosystem is poised for major changes as we see disrupters like Amazon and Oscar Health making an impact on the market. With the trend towards high-deductible insurance plans, consumers are increasingly being viewed as the payer. Health insurance carriers are paying fewer and fewer first dollar claims and as control shifts to consumers the healthcare landscape will follow. This is likely to trigger a shift towards more retail forms of healthcare—urgent care retail clinics, concierge medicine, telemedicine, etc. On the biotech and pharma fronts, this trend towards consumerization has resulted in a shift of marketing dollars away from physicians and payers and resulted in a more direct marketing approach to patients. This mirrors a change in the industry as a whole with more and more pharmaceuticals and medications developed for individual patients. As drugs and interventions become more personalized, so will the marketing approach that biotech and pharma companies adopt. Are you ready to navigate this dynamic landscape and lead your organization into the next phase of digital healthcare?

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Remember the good old days when the only healthcare journey you needed to worry about was the car ride to your doctor’s office? Those were simple times. Today, healthcare is radically more complicated, and the journey involves a crowd of players and a multitude of potential destinations. The traditional marketing triangle of Patient-Physician-Payer is rapidly being replaced by a more consumer-driven approach that recognizes the increasingly important role that consumers are playing in determining their own healthcare journey. Understanding and navigating this dynamic environment will be a key challenge for any healthcare-related brand. We can help you convert those challenges into competitive advantages.

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Our team’s deep healthcare, biotech and pharma experience includes dozens of projects for some of the world’s best-known brands. Below are four representative projects that highlight some of our experience. The best way to understand how our team can support your efforts, is to get in touch.


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Health Management Associates

Mobile Nurses



Kogenate Global

UX Strategy

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

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CRM Digital Strategy

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Sometimes all you really need is an experienced team to help you get started. To see things differently. And consider options you may not have identified. When dealing with complicated initiatives, nothing beats the wisdom that experience creates. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your digital healthcare challenges and help you discover a solution that drives revenue, reduces costs and delights your patients, partners and providers.